OPG’s Gastronomic Haunt for Terra

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Historically, Terra always came up with the prize catch at the seashores. What jaywalkers couldn’t spot, their trained eye easily did. It’s the same with Resort Ocean Palm Goa’s partially-covered eatery at Calangute – the Terra.
Never tucked in a sizzling meal at OPG’s Seafood Festival? You missed a great deal in life.

Great hospitality is when each guest’s dining experience is made memorable. That’s the dictum we follow at Terra. Not just known for serving delectable grilled and tandoori food in the evening, OPG’s Terra is also known for its great service that makes every guest feel welcomed.

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Ocean Palms Goa Tandoori Chicken

Quietly tucked away, a short walking distance away from the largest Calangute Beach in North Goa, the evening chat (4 to 7 pm) is as sought-after as the savory seafood menu at Terra. The liquid menu is served from 11 am to 11 pm.

Located at the lobby level of Resort Ocean Palm, the decor combines the best of contemporary art with a dominant blue and green palate that has a calming effect on the nerves. Food served here has been reviewed as “Fantastic”, “Amazing”, “Fresh and Juicy” and “Perfectly Cooked!”

For the kids, the adjoining Games zone features a host of board games.

For a table booking call 088888 84709.