Nau(gh)tical Miles, the Time to Go Nuts & Naughty

Christmas undoubtedly is the naughtiest season at Calangute Goa – so here’s your chance to be a naughty sailor adding knots to your speed.Let your hair down at Ocean Palms Goa, the seat of the most happening, ongoing Ocean Palms Goa Carnival with seven days of excitement. Nau(gh)tical Miles at Ocean Palms Goa is running from December 25 to January 15, when India’s naughtiest, nuttiest tourist hum spot, throws open its arms to welcome you this holiday season with unlimited fun, music, and adventurous activities!

For starters, a couple buffet dinner for two at Ocean Palms Goa on December 25 and December 31 comes only for Rs 2000; and on 24/26/27/28/29/30 of the holiday week only for Rs 1300, with a welcome drink thrown in for good measure – It’s a steal!

Before you pack
Calangute, Goa is an all-time favorite destination for weekenders, holidaymakers, and those on a break – it’s crazyall year-round, but it gets crazier during the December fest until the mid of January. Ocean Palms Goa is about an hour’s drive from the airport and you will have a car waiting if you let them know your travel plans in advance. Travel light but don’t forget your sunscreen, floaters or crocs, beachwear, and oh yes – your camera! Don’t fret though – you can get most of the stuff locally at the busy commercial hub even if you do forget something.

Midnight Mass

There are over 400 churches in Goa – and they’re all packed on Christmas Eve. The Immaculate Conception Church and the Basilica of Bom Jesus are popular choices. Service begins at 10 pm at most Churches – be on time or you might be left standing. After thanking the Lord and making a wish, partake the scrumptious Christmas Feast – Ocean Palms Goa excels itself during this season – drink like a sailor, gorge, binge, and let go – but don’t forget to leave room for Bebinca – the traditional Goan dessert. Then head to your cozy room to sleep off the celebrations before beginning afresh the next morning.

Water Lovers’ Galore

Goa during December-January is packed with a number of water sports for both the adventurous and the not so adventurous. Scuba diving or Snorkelling and exploring the underwater world is safe on most water bodies in Goa - the Uma Guma Reef or Bounty bay are the most popular spots.

Experience the sailor’s thrill as you go meandering around on the backwaters of Mandovi. Look out for the avian population along the shores and the fish underwater. Challenge your friends to stay atop the banana-shaped cylinder – the banana boat – even as the boatman tries to overturn it!

Experience the surrealism of sailing in the air while attached to a harness. Calangute, Baga, and Vagator are popular sites for parasailing. Don’t fret all the equipment is thoroughly checked for safety before you sail.You can sleep off the excitement in your snug room at Ocean Palms before heading to the restaurant for drinks, dinner, and dancing.

Night Cruise

The Goan landscape by moonlight with a backdrop of music, freshly cooked exotic Goan food, and a glass of Port is the perfect setting for a romantic night on the river. Feel the inundation of the refreshing sea breeze as you woo your mate. There is also a live performance depicting the tradition and culture of Goa on most cruises – join in the revelry with the performers.

The Goan Cultural Show

Goan culture is peppered with influences from Hindu mythology, Portuguese, and Arabian culture. Music and dance are an integral part of the Goan culture and you will see this in abundance at the Goa Cultural Show with performances of the Mando and Dulpod dance forms as well as the theatrical Tiatr. Take the kids along and show them a bit of history.

Elephant Wash

Feel the hard pachyderm skin and the water slide over the rough skin of this great beast. Water acts as a natural sedative for elephants. Mahouts will accompany you on your adventure and show you the nuances. Then climb right onto his back and embark on a jungle safari, experiencing the royalty of the kings of yore.

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Partake in the Non-Stop, Unending Fun at Ocean Palms Goa Carnival

Don’t miss out on all the adrenaline-pumping, high-fun quotient of Goa if you have not booked your table at Ocean Palms Goa Goa’s on-going Ocean Palms Carnival. Running since November, every weekend edition of Ocean Palms Carnivalis a specially-planned festival of music, dance, DJ and comedy.

Come the coming two weeks, we also invite you to come and celebrate the verve and vibe of our Nau(gh)tical Miles theme party (December 25 to Jan 15)with your entire family and pretend you have been transported back in time, and are on a sailor’s mission to come and discover the soul of Calangute, Goa.

AtNau(gh)tical Miles, we have planned a naughty, fun event for everyone in the family, where you can explore, experiment, enjoy, dance, rock and soak in foot-stamping music to your heart’s content, even as we give you opportunities to relax and enjoy a moment’s peace all by yourself.

In Goa, while you are on a Nau(gh)tical Miles journey at Ocean Palms Goa, we would let each be his/her own.