COVID Protocols

During COVID, stay at peace at Ocean Palms Goa as we keep your surroundings sanitised, clean, and hygienic!

During the difficult times of COVID, Ocean Palms Goa has ensured to follow every rule to keep its team and guests safe. Our hotel in Goa follows the proper precautions so that we can let you explore the state without feeling paranoid!

  • Our entire team and staff are¬†completely vaccinated.
  • Our hotel adheres to the COVID protocols strictly.
  • Our management offers sanitised staff quarters.
  • The laundry service unit ensures nothing but hygiene when taking care of uniforms and linens.
  • The staff is regularly trained and kept up-to-date with the COVID precations.
  • The team handles and processes food material purchases with respect to the HACCP guidelines.

  • On guests' arrival, luggage and footwear are rigorously sanitised via dry fogging.
  • On guests' arrival, body temperature is checked. Sensor-driven sanitisers are available at entry gates.
  • We ensure contactless food ordering¬†and offer a QR code food menu.
  • The premises and the rooms are regularly sanitised and disinfected.